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Mapbox Heightmaps

Optionally use Mapbox as a data source for terrain heightmaps for complete worldwide coverage. (NASA heightmaps limited to between -60 and 60 latitude).

Facade Shader Updates

Updating the Facade shader to support parallax mapping giving the impression procedural buildings have interiors for little performance overhead.

Also adding support for emission channel to simulate interior lighting.

Entity Spawning

The Entities interface will be enhanced, allowing you to automatically instantiate prefabs on different surfaces. This will make it really easy to spawn animals on your farmland, swings & slides in your playgrounds, or shopping carts in your supermarket car parks.

Third Party Integrations

More officially supported integrations will be made available for some popular assets, including River Auto Material.

Bridges and Tunnels

CityGen3D currently only supports generating roads mapped to level 0 in OpenStreetMap, that is to say both bridges and tunnels can not be auto generated.

It is intended to expand functionality in this area so that bridges and tunnels are auto generated, just like other roads and pathways.

Procedural Building Enhancements

Future improvements to the procedural building generation will include the ability to add prefabs to facades and roofs, allowing buildings to have chimneys, balconies, satellite dishes, and air-con units attached for added realism.

Traffic and Pedestrians

The core CityGen3D framework is about providing the tools for generating scene geometry.

An optional expansion is being researched that would add AI support for generating traffic and pedestrians that could navigate around the scene autonomously.

More Buildings

Additional building facade materials and blueprint definitions will provide a ready made solution for adding extra variety and regional diversity to your scenes.

The Roadmap aims to show you the features currently being developed and what is planned for the future.

It's not an exhaustive list, but hopefully provides an indication of some of the priorities and areas being actively worked on or researched.

If you would like further information, or would like to make a feature request or bug report, please use the Contact page.

(Please note that this is a guide and subject to change at any time.)

Coming Soon!

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