Automatic terrain detail distribution

CityGen3D will shortly be able to paint your terrains automatically with detail objects, such as bushes and grass.

This will use a rules based system so you can define how each surface distributes different detail objects in much the same way that you define how the terrain is textured.

Make lush forests full of foliage and fill your farmland full of crops!

Generate buildings from OSM data

Currently testing an experimental BuildR2 integration that allows CityGen3D to procedurally generate buildings from OpenStreetMap using this third party tool.

(BuildR2 license required).

Optimize processing speed

Even in its current form, CityGen3D can be a huge time saver over equivalent manual development. However work is being done on improving the speed of CityGen3D, especially for generating multi-terrain environments.

This will be achieved through more code optimization as well as exploring parallel processing on multi-core processors.

Improve context sensitive help and documentation

CityGen3D should be as easy to use as possible and provide context sensitive help on each part of the user interface. Work is also being done to fully document existing features in addition to the Quick Start Guide already available.

Add support for more topographical data sources

CityGen3D currently gets heightmap data from Bing Elevations or MapQuest.

Work is being done to provide an alternative that doesn't rely on third party services.

Option to automatically flatten terrain under buildings

Buildings are currently auto aligned to the terrain.

It's proposed that it should also be possible to level out the terrain under a prefab, or to prevent the spawning of prefabs over uneven terrain, depending on user controlled setting.

More control over editing map in 2D

After OSM data has been downloaded and processed, you are able to view an interactive 2D map of your location.

Design work is being done with a view to implementing more features to the 2D map, allowing you to edit it within Unity. This includes a toolbar with buttons for editing existing map elements and drawing out your own roads, surfaces & buildings. Eventually it should be possible to draw a complete map in 2D without even downloading OSM data, and have your unique vision built in 3D.

Bridges and tunnels

CityGen3D currently only supports generating roads mapped to level 0 in OpenStreetMap, that is to say both bridges and tunnels can not be auto generated.

It is intended to expand functionality in this area so that bridges and tunnels are auto generated, just like other roads and pathways.

Traffic and pedestrians AI module

The core CityGen3D framework is about providing the tools for generating scene geometry.

An optional expansion is planned that would use OSM data to add AI support for generating traffic and pedestrians that could navigate around the scene autonomously.

The roadmap aims to show you the features currently being developed, what is planned for the future, and also to highlight some of the known issues in current build.

It's not an exhaustive list, but hopefully provides an indication of some of the priorities and areas being actively worked on and improved during the beta phase.

It also indicates features that are in mind to develop post release, or as separate modules in the future.

If you would like further information, or would like to make a feature request or bug report, please use the Contact page.

(Please note that this is a guide and subject to change at any time.)

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