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Each building can be made up of multiple structures, which when combined, can create realistic looking buildings complete with details such as underpasses.

CityGen3D includes Blueprints suitable for a variety of structures as sown above, including houses, offices, supermarkets and churches.

CityGen3D is packaged with a powerful building generator that is able to procedurally create building exteriors from any 2D shape.

You can map different OpenStreetMap building types to different 3D Blueprints. In CityGen3D, a Blueprint object defines a building type which includes it's roof shape & material, as well as it's facades.


This makes it easy to match up buildings in residential areas to house blueprints, while giving a different look to commercial and industrial buildings.

CityGen3D can automatically create two LOD meshes and configure the LOD group for you. The high poly mesh is rendered using tessellation for additional geometric detail on supported hardware (shader model 4.6). The lower poly mesh is great for high performance rendering at distance, or on lower spec devices.

Because the geometric detail comes from a texture map, it's possible to create your own custom Blueprints without the need to master a 3D modelling application, simply by providing a new material complete with suitable texture atlas.


Once buildings are added to your scene it is possible to edit them very easily via the Inspector. Building editing options include:

  • Toggle between flat and hipped roofs;

  • Change gradient of hipped roof;

  • Select a different façade from the same texture atlas to add and remove doors or windows;

  • Change blueprint to have building regenerated entirely differently while retaining same shape;

In the example below, notice how the building's roof was changed from flat to hipped, and where a window façade was changed for a door. This was done within a matter of seconds all within the Unity Editor.

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