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  • Where can I purchase CityGen3D?
    CityGen3D is available to purchase from the Unity Asset Store right now!
  • I purchased CityGen3D during the Beta, how do I download it?"
    The pre-release Beta ran from November 2018 to July 2020 and is now finished ahead of full release on the Asset Store. Thank you to everyone that supported CityGen3D during this time. Anyone that purchased CityGen3D during the Beta will get access to all future updates via this website. You should continue to use your CityGen3D account log-in to access the Download page.
  • Can I download CityGen3D from this website if I purchased via the Asset Store
    Anyone that purchases through the Asset Store should download CityGen3D and all future updates from Unity. All future releases on both distribution platforms will be identical.
  • Can I use my own art assets with CityGen3D?
    Yes, the tool is very customizable and designed to fit in with your own project requirements and art style.
  • Can CityGen3D generate scenes at run-time?
    The asset is a design time tool that creates scenes in the Unity Editor. It is not possible to create locations on demand at run-time. However, CityGen3D has built-in support for scene streaming so it is possible to pre-generate large environments and have them loaded on demand as you move around.
  • Does CityGen3D work with HDRP and URP?
    CityGen3D v1.05 or later is a unified package that works in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and the older Built-In pipeline. Upon importing the CityGen3D package, the materials and shaders will be configured for you based on your installed render pipeline. To get started, you should then load the appropriate New City scene template for your project (eg. New City HDRP if using HDRP).
  • Can I purchase the CityGen3D source code?
    CityGen3D is sold as an Editor Extension and does not come with source code access. All enquires relating to source code licensing can be made via the Contact form or by email.
  • Does CityGen3D work on mobile?
    Yes, you can deploy CityGen3D scenes to mobile. CityGen3D creates scenes on top of Unity Terrains. So the run-time performance of Unity Terrains on your target hardware will be representative of the performance of CityGen3D generated environments. Aside from that, CityGen3D has built-in features that help with frame rates including auto generation of LOD Groups for procedurally generated buildings, and automatically batched meshes. It is also customizable allowing you to easily hook-up low poly assets and lower resolution textures to cater for the needs of any specific project.
  • I get errors in the console after installing, or things are not working as expected. What could be wrong?"
    The most common cause of issues is missing dependencies. Don't forget to install Burst, Editor Coroutines, and Post Processing from the Package Manager in a new project before importing CityGen3D. More details can be found in the manual. It is also highly recommended to use Unity 2019.4 LTS, as some earllier Unity version have bugs which are now fixed, while Unity 2020 is the latest tech stream and therefore more exposed to issues caused by new Unity features.
  • The Generator window is empty or doesn't show up at all when I click the Generator menu item.
    The Generator will only work once you have downloaded and processed OSM data. On the Location panel in the Data window, select a location and click Download. Click Process on the Location window to create a CityGen3D gameobject in the scene heirarchy. Then click Load Generator to add a Generator gameobject to your scene. The Generator window should now appear if you click the menu item or Ctrl+G. From version 0.21, the UI gives better feedback if you try and load the Generator prematurely.
  • After importing CityGen3D into my project, materials appear pink."
    In v1.04 or earlier this could indicate that you have installed the wrong package into your project. For instance installing the CityGen3D HDRP package into a Built-In or URP project. From v1.05 there is one CityGen3D package for all render pipelines. If material thumbnail preview images appear pink after import despite materials appearing fine in Game/Scene view, this could mean the thumbnail previews just need refreshing. Simply right click on them and select Reimport from the menu to get Unity to refresh the preview images. You can do this to entire folders as well to batch refresh them. If materials appear pink even in Game/Scene view, then you should first check to ensure you are running Unity 2019.4.29 or later. (Unity 2019 or 2020 LTS is recommended for stability, Unity 2021 is not yet recommended for production). From CityGen3D v1.07 you can click the Refresh Shaders menu item from the Unity menu bar (Tools->CityGen3D). This will reimport all CityGen3D shaders, which can fix issues caused by misidentification of the active renderpipeline on original import of the package. You may want to reimport materials after doing that as well to fix thumbnail previews in some Unity versions, but clicking this menu item should at least get 3D objects rendering correctly in game. If you still have problems after following these steps, don't hesitate to reach out via the Contact page.
  • When I click the Process button, my location takes too long to process. How can I speed it up?"
    Please make sure you are running v1.01+ because there have been optimizations in this area since first release, which should result in a notable processing speed increase for larger areas with lots of buildings. Work is constantly being done on optimization for both data processing and 3D generation, so incremental improvements should be seen with every update.

This F.A.Q. is occasionally updated with new information, but if you have a question not answered here please consider sending a message using the Contact page.

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