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Although CityGen3D should work well alongside most other Unity assets, this is the place to come for official integrations for some of your favourite packages on the Asset Store.

Source code is provided for all integrations, so not only do they provide useful functionality, but they also serve as good examples of how to use the CityGen3D data and API for implementing custom solutions and interfaces.

The CityGen3D integrations featured on this page are free downloads. If you need to purchase the required third party asset for an integration you can follow the links below.

Integrations are provided as Unity packages, so installation is as simple as importing into a project with CityGen3D and the other asset already installed.


For more information on a specific integration, please click the PDF icon to view the instructions, which are also included in the integration package itself.

Vegetation Studio Pro by Awesome Technologies is an advanced foliage placement and rendering system, designed to replace the standard Unity tree and detail system. 

This integration allows you to match up CityGen3D surface types to Vegetation Studio Pro biomes so that biome masks can be created automatically based on the 2D map.

Last Updated: 27 May 2022


Although the Vegetation Studio Pro integration is supplied with example biomes already set up for use with the default CityGen3D trees and plants, you can enhance your environments even further with stunning environmental art assets from NatureManufacture.

Some, like the Forest and Meadow Environment packages, even come with configured Vegetation Studio Pro biomes.

This makes them really easy to use in CityGen3D with the Vegetation Studio Pro integration.

See the gallery below for an example environment created using the Vegetation Studio Pro integration with NatureManufacture assets.

Work-In-Progress Integrations

More official CityGen3D integrations are planned, such as River Auto Material for high quality rivers and streams.

Check back here for more info soon!

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