CityGen3D is a work-in-progress Unity

editor extension for automated creation of 3D scenes based on real world map data from OpenStreetMap

Creating a 3D city environment complete with terrain, roads, street lighting, railways, buildings, trees and other prefabs can be a very time consuming process.

It usually involves learning several different tools and getting them to work in sync, creating lots of meshes, and manually placing thousands of game objects and details.

Even before the creation of the scene, a lot of planning is required to design a believable city, which if you simply want to prototype an idea very quickly, can be a big hurdle to overcome, especially when working on your own or in a small team.

But not anymore!

CityGen3D was developed to automate a lot of this work for you allowing you to create a city scene with just a few clicks of the mouse.
In the same way Terrain Engine assets can speed up the workflow when creating large, natural looking environments, CityGen3D aims to do the same for urban environments by massively speeding up the workflow for creating terrains with complex road networks and lots of buildings.

So how does it work?

CityGen3D is a Unity Editor extension and requires no additional coding. Simply specify a location using latitude and longitude and real world map data will be downloaded and parsed by CityGen3D within Unity ready for scene generation.

You can then use the CityGen3D interface to choose your textures and prefabs, before CityGen3D generates your scene using a combination of procedural geometry & texturing, terrain deformation, and prefab spawning.

Please take a look at the Modules section of this website for more details on how you can get Unity to make environments for you using CityGen3D.


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CityGen3D is a Unity Editor extension and is distributed with a small selection of 3D models and textures to demo the features of the tool.

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