With the heightmap applied, CityGen3D can then automatically texture your terrains based on surface type, height and gradient at any specific point on your landscape.


This level of customization can ensure your terrains are textured in a very realistic way.

CityGen3D is setup and ready to use with a library of default seamless materials, or you can use your own textures.

Either way, your time can now be spent getting creative with the texture rules, instead of manual terrain painting.

By default, terrains will be rendered with the standard Unity terrain shader. However, you can easily assign your favourite third-party terrain shader to CityGen3D terrains.

CityGen3D environments are built on top of one or more Unity terrains. Each terrain is generated for you, by first applying a heightmap based on real world elevation data at your chosen location.

This allows you to create diverse environments from flat plains to mountain ranges, and everything in between.

You can also apply per surface heightmap modifications for even greater control of your environment.

CityGen3D is able to generate a water mesh for each body of water in your scene.

This includes oceans and sea, defined by coastline data. Or smaller in-land bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds.

Streams and rivers can also be identified from OSM waterway data and generated automatically.

CityGen3D is setup to use the standard Unity water shader, but you can assign different materials to the water meshes, or even use a third-party water shader for more advanced rendering techniques such as flow mapping.

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